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Hauliers based in Kalmthout (Antwerp) are the first in Belgium to equip their lorries with the Freeedrive app. The app checks whether drivers are using their mobile hands free. “Their job is to drive a lorry not to check Facebook during hours. It’s something they know!” DBT Logistics’ Chris Delcroix […]Continue Reading
In Belgium, the number of car crashes involving a smartphone grew to 21% of all car crashes in 2016. Freeedrive is a fleet safety solution aiming to prevent the number one cause of car accidents, the (unsafe) use of smartphones behind the wheel. The app discourages the handling of the smartphone […]Continue Reading
Testing while driving dangerous behaviour road safety solution
IAM Roadsmart wants a hi-tech solution to curb smartphone use in cars. A ‘carrot and stick’ approach is need to stop drivers being distracted by smartphones, according to a road safety charity. A call for car-makers and smartphone manufacturers to work with the government to develop a technological solution to […]Continue Reading
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One day, Tom, a fleet manager in a company with a fleet of 250 cars was wondering what he could do to improve safety of his fleet. His drivers had been performing worse comparing to the previous year and he couldn’t see why. Are they driving faster, more aggressive? Are […]Continue Reading
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  BXenf1 est une émission qui met en valeur les innovateurs bruxellois. Lors de sa première édition, BXenf1 a mis en lumière une douzaine de jeunes Bruxellois proposant des initiatives innovantes. Lors de l’été 2016, Valérie Leclercq, Jean-Christophe Pesesse ainsi que Murielle Berck et Marine Hubert accueillent à chaque fois […]Continue Reading
distracted driving road safety fleet management solution
Freeedrive is a B2B app solution for fleet managers aiming to reduce their driver’s distraction by smartphones when driving. All generations are concerned by smartphone use when driving, not just Generation Y but older ones too. For this reason Freeedrive is a valuable solution for every driver. Fleet managers can […]Continue Reading
Distraction au volant fleet management distracted driving road safety
Prendre son téléphone en main pour lire un message ou un e-mail reçu ou consulter une application alors qu’on est en train de conduire, qui ne l’a jamais fait ? Pourtant, 23% des accidents de la route sont causés par un conducteur qui consulte son smartphone. Mais cela pourrait faire partie […]Continue Reading
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  Avec 23% des accidents, le manipulation du smartphone au volant a dépassé en quelques années le problème de l’alcool au volant. Cela s’explique par le fait que la lecture rapide d’un email occupe la vision durant environ 3 secondes, soit le temps de parcourir  1.5 terrain de football à […]Continue Reading