Texting and driving is a growing problem
Pretty much everyone agrees that distracted driving is bad. And the most common distraction just might be your phone. People seem convinced that they must see that notification or status update right now. This can cause problems when you’re driving. You know, crash problems. Now, you may be saying, “Wait. […]Continue Reading
De Redactie Freeedrive
Hauliers based in Kalmthout (Antwerp) are the first in Belgium to equip their lorries with the Freeedrive app. The app checks whether drivers are using their mobile hands free. “Their job is to drive a lorry not to check Facebook during hours. It’s something they know!” DBT Logistics’ Chris Delcroix […]Continue Reading
In Belgium, the number of car crashes involving a smartphone grew to 21% of all car crashes in 2016. Freeedrive is a fleet safety solution aiming to prevent the number one cause of car accidents, the (unsafe) use of smartphones behind the wheel. The app discourages the handling of the smartphone […]Continue Reading
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The risk of having a car crash raises by 23% when a driver is handling the cell phone behind the wheel. Nevertheless, according to statistics 37% of motorists can’t refrain from doing so. One of the main reasons is that people are addicted to use and consult their smartphones also while driving. […]Continue Reading
Testing while driving dangerous behaviour road safety solution
IAM Roadsmart wants a hi-tech solution to curb smartphone use in cars. A ‘carrot and stick’ approach is need to stop drivers being distracted by smartphones, according to a road safety charity. A call for car-makers and smartphone manufacturers to work with the government to develop a technological solution to […]Continue Reading
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2016 has been full of fantastic events, unexpected changes, new horizons and opportunities. Freeedrive has grown a lot. What are the accomplishments, results,improvements and plans that we think of at the end of the year? The team welcomed on board new members with fresh ideas to implement and alternative directions […]Continue Reading
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Freeedrive got featured in the Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure. What is the future of fleet management? How can HR and Mobility directors improve their drivers’ safety? These and many other questions discussed in the article by Julien Crepin on the 24th November 2016.    Continue Reading
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Thanks to smartphones and digital apps, millennials have access to more content and traditionally non-digital services, than ever before. The biggest generation to ever have existed now has access to services designed to make lives easier in real time – from transportation to communicating with loved ones – on the go. But […]Continue Reading