distracted driving road safety interview freeedrive fleet management software
  Freeedrive on RTBF 13h – Distracted driving awareness campaign by IBSR / BIVVContinue Reading
Distracted driving USA Iowa smartphones while driving
The number of people killed or injured in accidents caused by the use of electronic devices doubled in Iowa last year. Fourteen people were killed statewide in 2015, compared with seven the previous year, according to the Globe Gazette in Mason City. The Iowa Department of Transportation says 601 people […]Continue Reading
distracted driving road safety fleet management solution
Freeedrive is a B2B app solution for fleet managers aiming to reduce their driver’s distraction by smartphones when driving. All generations are concerned by smartphone use when driving, not just Generation Y but older ones too. For this reason Freeedrive is a valuable solution for every driver. Fleet managers can […]Continue Reading
distracted driving road safety fleet management
Other kinds of distractions still leave our emergency “sixth sense” intact. Texting doesn’t. Texting isn’t like other kinds of driving distractions. It’s way more dangerous because it so encompasses our attention that it strips away an emergency “sixth sense” that alerts us when something is about to go wrong. A […]Continue Reading
Belgique gsm au volant SudInfo
Les Belges ne sont pas de bons élèves quant à l’utilisation du GSM au volant. Ainsi, l’an dernier, les policiers fédéraux et locaux ont dressé 108.521 P.-V. pour des conducteurs utilisant leur téléphone au volant. C’est mieux qu’en 2014 (121.356 infractions constatées) et qu’en 2013 (118.656 P.-V.). Chacun a donc […]Continue Reading
Classic21 interview distracted driving road safety motorshow
Freeedrive on Brussels Motor Show 2016. We have discussed distracted driving with the radio Classic 21. What are the perspectives for fleet management?Continue Reading
distracted driving road safety fleet management
Sms’en, bellen en zelfs je mails raadplegen of je facebookprofiel updaten: de verleiding is groot om je smartphone te gebruiken in de auto. Nochtans is de wetgever niet mals voor deze overtreding.   Les dernières avancées technologiques nous ont montré qu’il était devenu possible de rester connecté en permanence avec […]Continue Reading