Today’s drivers ask themselves the questions: “How does my driving behaviour affect my insurance costs? Do they depend on my age, type of car or driving habits?”. These doubts appear because of the tendency of insurers to shift to new rating approaches. In the vehicle insurance sector, the “bonus-malus” merit-rating […]Continue Reading
freeedrive testing beta version texting driving smartphone startup
2016 has been full of fantastic events, unexpected changes, new horizons and opportunities. Freeedrive has grown a lot. What are the accomplishments, results,improvements and plans that we think of at the end of the year? The team welcomed on board new members with fresh ideas to implement and alternative directions […]Continue Reading
Startup studio distracted driving fleet management solution
Lancé l’été 2015, Barefoot est déjà le 3e « studio » ou « usine » à start-up dans la capitale. Epaulée par un conseil d’administration solide, où vient d’entrer l’IBSR, la structure vise à mettre sur orbite 10 jeunes boites simultanément. Parmi les plus avancées, Freeedrive et Kowo, liées à […]Continue Reading
While some Tarrant County cities have banned texting while driving, especially in school zones, and state law prohibits drivers under age 18 from texting or using a cellphone while driving, legislative efforts to enact a statewide ban for adult drivers so far haven’t worked out. Now safety experts at a […]Continue Reading
OMAHA, Neb. – Investor Warren Buffett says distracted driving appears to be a growing problem on American roads that contributed to an increase in deaths last year and hurt profits at his company’s Geico insurance unit. Buffett said on CNBC Monday that auto insurance rates are going up this year […]Continue Reading
LeasePlan était présent au Forum Sécurité-Santé le 24 mars dernier à Luxexpo. Une présence conjointe avec Freeedrive, son partenaire pour prévenir les accidents de la route liés à la manipulation du téléphone au volant. Lors du workshop « Hyper-connectivité et accidents de la route », les deux sociétés ont fourni […]Continue Reading