Texting and driving is a growing problem
Pretty much everyone agrees that distracted driving is bad. And the most common distraction just might be your phone. People seem convinced that they must see that notification or status update right now. This can cause problems when you’re driving. You know, crash problems. Now, you may be saying, “Wait. […]Continue Reading
Today’s drivers ask themselves the questions: “How does my driving behaviour affect my insurance costs? Do they depend on my age, type of car or driving habits?”. These doubts appear because of the tendency of insurers to shift to new rating approaches. In the vehicle insurance sector, the “bonus-malus” merit-rating […]Continue Reading
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The risk of having a car crash raises by 23% when a driver is handling the cell phone behind the wheel. Nevertheless, according to statistics 37% of motorists can’t refrain from doing so. One of the main reasons is that people are addicted to use and consult their smartphones also while driving. […]Continue Reading
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One day, Tom, a fleet manager in a company with a fleet of 250 cars was wondering what he could do to improve safety of his fleet. His drivers had been performing worse comparing to the previous year and he couldn’t see why. Are they driving faster, more aggressive? Are […]Continue Reading
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Freeedrive on Brussels Motor Show 2016. We have discussed distracted driving with the radio Classic 21. What are the perspectives for fleet management?Continue Reading
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  Avec 23% des accidents, le manipulation du smartphone au volant a dépassé en quelques années le problème de l’alcool au volant. Cela s’explique par le fait que la lecture rapide d’un email occupe la vision durant environ 3 secondes, soit le temps de parcourir  1.5 terrain de football à […]Continue Reading
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Brussels Staatssecretaris bevoegd voor Digitalisering Bianca Debaets lanceerde vandaag de gewestelijke Open Data portaalsite. Op opendatastore.brussels kan iedereen gratis vrij beschikbare gegevens van de overheid raadplegen en hergebruiken. Brusselse IT-ontwikkelaars zijn al langer vragende partij voor zo’n portaalsite. De Open Data portal past in een strategie om van Brussel een […]Continue Reading
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Vlaanderen moet het voortouw nemen in de ontwikkeling van verkeersveiligheid technologie. Dat zegt Vlaams minister van Mobiliteit Ben Weyts (N-VA). De minister nam naar eigen zeggen al initiatief op het vlak van mobiele trajectcontrole en hij wil hetzelfde doen met het verstandig omgaan met smartphones en internet. “In Vlaanderen zijn […]Continue Reading