Today’s drivers ask themselves the questions: “How does my driving behaviour affect my insurance costs? Do they depend on my age, type of car or driving habits?”. These doubts appear because of the tendency of insurers to shift to new rating approaches. In the vehicle insurance sector, the “bonus-malus” merit-rating […]Continue Reading
Testing while driving dangerous behaviour road safety solution
IAM Roadsmart wants a hi-tech solution to curb smartphone use in cars. A ‘carrot and stick’ approach is need to stop drivers being distracted by smartphones, according to a road safety charity. A call for car-makers and smartphone manufacturers to work with the government to develop a technological solution to […]Continue Reading
distracted driving road safety USA Canada Europe
What do alcohol consumption, marijuana legalization, reading emails and Pokemon GO have in common? Well… It all leads to car accidents. We can discuss whether driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is more or less dangerous than driving and texting, but when it comes to being a responsible […]Continue Reading
distracted driving road safety belgian rail
Various technical data indicate that the driver of a passenger train which struck a goods train on June 5th was distracted by his GSM. This is reported today (Tuesday) in L’Echo. The daily newspaper states that the investigators, assisted by mobile telephone operators, have been able to ascertain the time, […]Continue Reading
distracted driving road safety Pokemon Go
Have you heard all the fuss over Pokémon Go yet? Chances are your children, neighbors and even coworkers are hooked. The augmented reality game has become an overnight sensation across the world. Here’s how it works: Using your smartphone‘s GPS, camera and clock, the game prompts you to find “hidden” […]Continue Reading
texting and diriving distracted driving honda campaign
Are you really able to do two things at once? Apparently not, since a study showed that over 98% of people are not multitasking. To illustrate the risk of smartphone use and texting while driving, Honda has created this funny yet clever campaign, showing that if you are not able to do […]Continue Reading
How much are 5 seconds actually? If I have to wait for 5 seconds for public transports to arrive, I call this an awesome service (and I am probably in Switzerland or Japan). What about me driving my car and someone in the back suddenly puts his hands in front of my eyes […]Continue Reading
Clemenger BBDO has created an ad for the New Zealand Transport Authority, called Hello. Featuring Lionel Ritchie’s classic song of the same name, the spot shows a series of scenarios involving drivers and passengers. In each scene, the drivers’ phone rings or bleeps and just before they reach reflexively to […]Continue Reading