Drivepad: to be placed inside the
vehicle. It activates Freeedrive
automatically during each ride.


  • Automatic activation
  • Discourages texting while driving
  • Measures driving behaviour
  • Communication with your fleet
  • Centralized management of data & functionalities


What is Freeedrive?
Freeedrive is the fleet safety solution, aiming to prevent the use of smartphones behind the wheel. On the one hand, the use of disruptive phone applications is discouraged. On the other hand, the safety score provides the driver and the fleet manager with an overview of fleet safety.
When will I be able to subscribe to Freeedrive?
Freeedrive has been distributed through fleet managers and insurance companies in trial since June 2016. From 2017 onwards you can ask your fleet manager if you are able to use Freeedrive for driving safely.
Can I stop using Freeedrive if I am a passenger?
Yes. You can switch the passenger mode on in the menu, that can be accessed by clicking on the burger menu in the top right corner of your home screen.
As a user, will I be tracked?
No. Freeedrive will use GPS to calculate your speed and then to determine whether you are driving or not but this will not be tracked.
Does Freeedrive respect my privacy?
Yes, we have deposited our database to the Privacy Commission of Belgium. The data that we collect are used for non-commercial purposes - driving time and safety scoring.
What does my fleet manager see or know about me?
The fleet manager can see your driving score and driving time.
How much discount could I receive from my insurance provider?
From our study, most insurance companies will provide around 5% discount on their fares for fleet of 100 cars, after installation of Freeedrive.
What is the added value of Freeedrive?
Freeedrive is your app that is automatically activated when getting the car. It will prevent out-of-policy notifications to keep you focused on the road while driving. Some of the benefits that Freeedrive provides are:
  • Safer work environment
  • 25,000 € net savings/year on a fleet of 100 cars
  • Fleet communication (fleet managers can push messages to drivers)
  • Intuitive & simple
How does Freeedrive work?
  1. 1. Connect your smartphone to the DrivePad.
  2. 2. Once connected, your smartphone will give you notifications (vocal/text/vibrations), if you use your phone while driving.
  3. 3. Freeedrive will register your driving time and your score for the rides.
When does Freeedrive activate?
Freeedrive activates once your phone is connected to the DrivePad  and if the DrivePad is selected in your Freeedrive app.
In how many languages is Freeedrive available?
  1. 1. English
  2. 2. French
  3. 3. Dutch
What is dangerous behavior?
Every second that the phone is “unlocked and moving” you get a notification of Dangerous Behavior, 'please put your phone down!'
What is safe behavior?
Safe behavior is no hand held use of the phone while driving. So screen locked or phone in holder with screen unlocked is safe behavior.
What if I have a really bad score?
This means you are distracted while driving.
Are the notifications linked to my score?
You get notifications when you use the phone hand-held while driving. So yes, your notifications are linked to your score.
What are the score percentages of Freeedrive?
The standard percentage is 100% and this score will diminish for every dangerous behavior you perform.
Which operative systems does Freeedrive support?
We serve all latest iPhones (iOS 10+) and Samsung devices (Android 4+). Contact us for more information.
How to install and Use Freeedrive?


  1. 1. To use Freeedrive you have to go on the Play Store/ appstore - “Freeedrive - Safe driving”.
  2. 2. Download, install and launch the application.
  3. 3. Register with your professional email.
  4. 4. Pair & Connect to DrivePad.
  5. 5. Watch your safety score and always do better.


  1. 1. Follow the link provided or search for Freeedrive in AppStore.
  2. 2. Download, install and launch the application.
  3. 3. Register with your professional email.
  4. 4. Pair & Connect to DrivePad.
  5. 5. Watch your safety score and always do better.
What do the notifications mean?
  • GPS Notification: Can you activate your GPS please ? This notification is necessary to update scores.
  • Bluetooth Notification: Please select your DrivePadr which you use while driving.
Does Freeedrive need an Internet connection?
Freeedrive does not need an Internet connection while the driver is driving. Once every 24h Freeedrive will update the safety score on the servers, preferably when in wifi zone.
Freeedrive usage Other Apps Average
Android 0,11 MB/Hour usage 0,20 MB /hour usage
iOS 0,13 MB/Hour usage 0,20 MB /hour usage
How much battery does Freeedrive use?
Freeedrive uses less than 3% battery by 1h usage.
Do I have to activate the notifications in Freeedrive?
Yes, this is necessary to receive the messages your fleet managers sends.
Is necessary that the Bluetooth stays active?
Yes, so that it can connects automatically when you enter your car and Freeedrive will activate. The new Bluetooth functionalities use almost no battery.
What is a DrivePad and why do I need it?
The DrivePad is a small Bluetooth device which allows for the collection of your driving data while in your vehicle. There is no installation necessary, just place it safe inside your vehicle. The DrivePad allows your phone and Freeedrive app to record trips automatically.  <br> We recommend to place the DrivePad under the steering wheel with the tape foreseen at the bottom of the device.
How long does the DrivePad's battery last?
The Bluetooth beacon has an expected battery life of 3-4 years.