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[Transcribed] De voorzitter: De heer Van Miert heeft het woord. Paul Van Miert (N-VA): Minister, ik heb u een vraag gestuurd over het gebruik van smartphones achter het stuur. Wat de duiding betreft, kan ik heel kort zijn, want ik denk dat alle collega’s zich wel bewust zijn van die […]Continue Reading
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Are you really able to do two things at once? Apparently not, since a study showed that over 98% of people are not multitasking. To illustrate the risk of smartphone use and texting while driving, Honda has created this funny yet clever campaign, showing that if you are not able to do […]Continue Reading
How much are 5 seconds actually? If I have to wait for 5 seconds for public transports to arrive, I call this an awesome service (and I am probably in Switzerland or Japan). What about me driving my car and someone in the back suddenly puts his hands in front of my eyes […]Continue Reading
Clemenger BBDO has created an ad for the New Zealand Transport Authority, called Hello. Featuring Lionel Ritchie’s classic song of the same name, the spot shows a series of scenarios involving drivers and passengers. In each scene, the drivers’ phone rings or bleeps and just before they reach reflexively to […]Continue Reading
We’re all familiar with the Breathalyzer, the brand name for a roadside device that measures a suspected drunken driver’s blood-alcohol level. It has been in use for decades. Now there’s a so-called “textalyzer” device to help the authorities determine whether someone involved in a motor vehicle accident was unlawfully driving while […]Continue Reading
More than 102,000 traffic crashes have been caused by distracted drivers in Tennessee in just the past five years, according to reports from AAA. In a recent AAA Consumer Pulse™ survey, the majority of Tennessee residents (96 percent) stated that texting while driving was their number one concern, followed by […]Continue Reading
Erik Fryklund, alone at a table in a windowless conference room, watched a 15-minute online video on the dangers of distracted driving Friday. Then the 28-year-old Cargill employee signed a commitment pledging to drive safe, both when on and off the clock. He had to. It’s now required as part […]Continue Reading
A German train conductor who was controlling two trains when they collided and killed 11 people was distracted by a game he was playing on his mobile phone shortly before the crash, prosecutors have claimed. The conductor, who has not been named, was arrested on suspicion of negligent homicide following […]Continue Reading